EDC is in approximately 3 months. I SERIOUSLY begun my diet/exercise yesterday haha. As for exercise…..I went to the gym yesterday and my GOD are my shoulders sore. But. I. Love. It.


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Seriously contemplating getting a tattoo. Yeah…… :)

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"You give a part of you away when you date someone, so it usually hurts if they’re not there anymore."

Thanks Julie :)
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Yesterday was a huge accomplishment for me!

I have always wanted to do a pull up. ONE pull up. But since I have practically non existent arm strength, I’ve never been able to. Yesterday during my work out class, we went around in stations. One of the exercises at a station was pull ups - however, to help you, they had elastic bands that assisted you if you had trouble with regular pull ups. Well, with the help of the bands, I was able to do a pull up! YESS! Not just one! I wasn’t sure how many I ended up doing (just as many as we could in 45 secs + 30 secs), but I felt SO good doing them! :)

After we were done, a girl in my class came up to me and said that she wishes to get to my level someday. Can you say confidence booster?  

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How do I make myself prettier?

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